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Business-Intelligence Services

Spacechips helps technology suppliers, investment banks and VCs understand future technical and commercial trends for the space industry to define their product roadmaps and guarantee ROI.

Spacechips provides answers to the following questions: what technologies will the space/satellite industry need in the future, why, where and how will these be used, and when will they be required.

Spacechips provides market breakdowns for different applications, clients and geographical regions, identifying your target customer base. We can also connect you with approved and certified providers in the supply chain to help you get your products to market. Spacechips is advising the boardrooms of many space companies around the world.

As an award-winning start-up, Spacechips can help you understand how to deliver a winning pitch, how to understand the value proposition of potential prospects, how to convert a meeting into sale and how to exploit social media.

Please email, info@spacechips.co.uk, to discuss your business-intelligence needs. Our customers include:

New Company of 2017 and High-Reliability Product of 2017

High-Reliability Product of 2016

International Company of 2018

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