Spacechips was founded by Dr. Rajan Bedi in September 2014. Prior to starting Spacechips, Rajan worked at Astrium Satellites (now Airbus for Defence & Space) for twelve years.

As Head of Astrium’s Mixed-Signal Design Group, Rajan and his former team developed best-in-class, payload products for commercial and ESA satellites. The group designed the award-winning, channelizing, DSP hardware currently operating on-board the Alphasat telecommunication satellite. Rajan also worked on the Sentinel 1, EDRS, NovaSAR, Galileo and SES-12 missions.

Astrium's Mixed-Signal Design Group received numerous innovation awards and prizes, collaborating with the world’s leading electronics companies to advance their capability together with the space industry.

Since 2013, Rajan has been posting a blog on space electronics called, Out-of-this-World Design, currently being read by 10,000 space professionals each month.