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Training Services

Spacechips teaches training courses on Space Electronics helping companies develop local capability, expertise, deliver right-first-time, to cost and schedule. We have taught over 600 space professionals in 13 countries, including 45 companies and 6 agencies in Canada, France, Germany, Holland, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA.

Our courses compare space-grade and COTS FPGAs, ADCs/DACs, DC-DCs and POLs, to allow you to make independent, informed technology selections. We offer a standard three-day training programme as well as private, on-site, bespoke learning. We teach you about key project milestones used by satellite/spacecraft OEMs, the required deliverables and the standards used by the space industry.

Our training products, known as Courses for Rocket Scientists are suitable for design engineers, system integrators, project managers, QA, component suppliers, system engineers, space agencies, government departments and FAEs. We teach the major space companies as well as many NewSpace start-ups around the world!

Our training courses are an interactive educational experience including demonstrations of mixed-signal testing, EDA and FPGA software, as well as videos. All attendees receive a personal bound copy of almost 900 slides as used by Spacechips’ engineers.

We also offer training courses on Right-First-Time PCB Layout for Spacecraft Avionics and Satellite Payload Testing. Email, info@spacechips.co.uk, for course details, dates and venues.

Our training customers include:

New Company of 2017 and High-Reliability Product of 2017

High-Reliability Product of 2016

International Company of 2018

Top 100 StartUp