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Fast, High-Capacity, Endurant MRAM for Space Applications

MRAM offers the space industry the speed of SRAM, a density approaching DRAM, the non-volatility of flash memory, unlimited read/write endurance and low power consumption. These on-board storage benefits will enable new use cases for satellite applications.

DFM & DFA : Building Your Space-Grade PCB Right-First-Time

Your customer wants tested hardware next month and you have budget for a single PCB spin: before sending your ODB++ or Gerber artwork, there are important Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) checks to ensure your layout complies with formal standards, the fabricator can make it and your new bare-board is returned right-first-time. There are also Design-for-Assembly (DFA) checks to verify your sub-contractor can reliably place parts onto the PCB - I will not sign-off a new build until DFM and DFA have passed!

The Impact of Electronic Component Shortages on the Global Space Industry

Covid-enforced production stops of raw materials, the soaring demand for work-from-home and home-learning devices, and the continued growth of the space market, has resulted in supply-chain issues such as component shortages, 70-week lead-times, higher prices and postponed launches.


Kenneth Wilson

Jul 14, 2022 03:58:06
Thank you for writing and sharing the article on right first time PCB design for space application, it's very informative

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